• Melissa B
  • Software Engineer

  • Wednesday, July 18th
    10:00 am
  • 185 Berry Street
    San Francisco, CA
  • Questions?
    Text or call Jared Tame

  • Tophatter Guest

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We're excited to meet you, Melissa!

How should you prepare?

  • Bring your laptop

    Bring the laptop you're comfortable writing code on. It should be fully ready to go with a framework of your choice (Rails, Node, Flask, etc). You don't want to use any time at the onsite setting up libraries, frameworks, configs, etc.
  • Try the app

    Try out our web and mobile app. Check out what our customers are saying in the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • We recommend reading our Interviewing at Tophatter post. Also check out our engineering blog.


10:00 am


Matt, VP Engineering

Read and rewrite some code that is intentionally messy in Coderpad.

11:00 am

Bug Squash

Sanjay, Software Engineer

Find and squash the bug in a popular open source tool hosted on Github.

12:00 pm


Joe, Software Engineer

Q&A on whatever you'd like to know about us. Difficult questions are encouraged.

1:00 pm


James, Software Engineer

Build your own project using the framework of your choice. We'll provide the details of what we'll work on and you'll decide how to implement it.

2:30 pm


Stretch your legs, use the restroom if you need to, and we'll rejoin after we debrief. The restrooms are next to the elevators.

2:45 pm


Jared, Engineering Manager

We'll exchange feedback and discuss possible next steps.

Hello from us to you.

We're looking forward to meeting you.

Check out our team.

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